Rainbow Print Crush Tergalet-100% Polyester. 106" Wide. $3.95/yd. Available in 11 rainbow tones.

Azalea-50% Polyester, 50% Nylon Embroidered Taffeta. 54" Wide. $3.50/yd. Also in baby pink, black, black/white, and wisteria/amethyst.

Alhambra 116" Wide

​100% Polyester. 5 Colors Available: Aqua, Blush, Platinum, Champagne, Gold.


(By the roll)

*Rolls vary in sizes between 30-60 yds per roll. Please contact us for details.

Artiste 116" Wide

​100" Polyester. 5 Colors Available: Silver, Gold, Black, Red, Blue.

Capri, Supiony Imitation 117/118" Wide
100% Polyester

Water Lilies-100% Polyester. Embroidered Taffeta. 53" Wide. $6.95/yd. Also in ivory/bronze, aqua/white, yellow/lime, fuschia, red/royal blue, white, white/silver, lime/hot pink, gold/copper

Asteroids-50% Polyester, 50% Nylon. Embroidered Taffeta. 55/56" Wide. $3.50/yd. Also in black, mocha, red/navy, fire orange, gold/turquoise

Hibiscus Promo-100% Polyester. 59/60" Wide. $2.50/yd. 

Wide Fabrics now included!

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Poly/Satin118" Wide. 12 Colors Available.

Poly Poplin 120" Wide

​100% Polyester ( Tropical Polyester)

Velvet Halo-100% Polyester. 58" Wide. $3.95/yd. Also in ivory/black, gold/black

Jungle Fever-100% Polyester Flocked Taffeta. Also in fire orange/black, yellow/black, gold/black, platinum/black, bahama/black, lime/black, fuschia/black, white/black.

Contessa- 110" Wide. 100% Polyester. Printed Flock Damask. $6.95/yd. Also in cream/black, coffee/black, maize/black, caribe.

Millenial 116" Wide with dots or without.

​2 Colors Available: Silver, Gold.

Crystal Window- 100% Polyester. 108" Wide. Metallic Embroidered Abstract Organza. $6.95/yd. Also in copper/brown, ivory/lilac, lime/green, black/gold.

Floral Bouquel- 100% Polyester. 112" Wide. Floral Printed Voile. Available n orange, purple, fuschia.

Contact us:

Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 EST

(305) 623-2820


Blooms- 25% Polyester, 75% Rayon. 110" Wide. $5.95/yd

Embroidered Organza-100% Polyester. 106" Wide. $3.95/yd. Also in baby blue and orange.

Jubilee- 100% Polyester. 118" Wide. $5.95/yd

Olympus-50% Polyester​, 50% Nylon. 58/60" Wide. Embroidered Taffeta. $3.25/yd. Also in wine, copper, flax, gold/turquoise, black/gold, brown/turquoise.

Cypress 116" Wide

​110% Polyester. 3 Colors Available: Gold, Silver, Blue.

First Class Table Linen

Chateau- 100% Polyester. Embroidered Crush Organza. 100" Wide. $3.50/yd. Also in red/navy, brass, golden fuschia. emerald, sunset, sky blue, cranberry, brown, black, white.

Capri, Supiony Imitation 117/118" Wide

​100% Polyester

Damasc 114" Wide Elsa

​100% Polyester. Available in White, Cream, Gold, Silver, Navy, Black with Silver.

Romance-100% Polyester. Ribbon Embroidery. 54" Wide. $5.95/yd. Also in sunshine, melon, fuschia, amethyst, kiwi, platinum, taupe.

Granite 116" Wide

​100% Polyester. 3 Colors Available: Silver, Gold, and Navy/Gold.

Polka Dot-100% Polyester. 59/60" Wide. $2.50/yd. Also in white/red dots, red/black dots, white/royal blue dots, royal blue/white dots.

Jupiter-100% Polyester. 108" Width. Sheer Jacquard Weave (Organza). $3.95/yd. Also in gold/orange, ivory/copper, peach/yellow, sage/copper.

Infiniti-50% Polyester, 50% Nylon. Embroidered Taffeta. 52" Wide. Also in white/silver, ivory/gold, copper/gold, burgundy/gold,black/silver, black/gold, sunset /gold, and celery/ivory.

Oak Forest 116" Wide

​100% Polyester. 5 Colors Available: Red, Aquamarine, Black/Silver, Gold, Lime Green

Edge Water- 50% Polyester, 50% Nylon. Embroidered Taffeta. 55/56" Wide. $3.50/yd. Also in fire orange, red/navy, black.

Roses Promo- 100% Polyester. 53" Wide. Ribbon Taffeta. $5.95/yd. Also in Royal Blue, Burgundy, Antique Gold, Black, and Yellow.

Fusion 112" Wide

​100% Polyester.2 Colors Available: Gold, Silver

Rosemary- 100% Polyester. 110" WIde. $6.50/yd. Available in brick, stone, midnight, pearl, platinum.

Martinique 112" Wide

​100% Polyester. 4 Colors Available: Ivory, Silver, Teal/Gold, Blush.